The cable fire retardant coating is usually made up of various kinds of fire-retardant and plasticizer. It can form a uniform and compact sponge foam insulation layer when fire. It can effectively inhibit and block the spread and spread of the flame and protect the wires and cables.

The cable fireproof coating is environment-friendly, pollution-free, non-toxic and tasteless, and does not pose a threat to the health of the coating personnel. And the cable fire retardant coating also has the characteristics of thin coating, strong adhesion, good flexibility, and has good insulation and anti-corrosion functions. Cable fire retardant coating is widely used for fire retardant treatment of wires and cables in power plants, mines, telecommunications and civil buildings. It can also be used for fire protection of combustible base materials of wood structure, metal structure buildings and underground engineering.

It is suggested that the actual amount of fire retardant coating for cables should be determined according to different conditions such as loss during coating, coating method, roughness of coated surface, shape and size of components. Generally, the actual amount can be 1.1-1.4 times of the theoretical amount.

Before the fire retardant coating is applied, the floating dust, oil stain and sundries on the cable surface shall be cleaned and polished. The construction of fire retardant coating can be carried out after the surface is dry. The cable fire retardant coating construction adopts spraying, brushing and other methods. When using, it should be fully stirred evenly. When the coating is slightly thick, it can be diluted with proper amount of tap water to facilitate spraying. For wires and cables with plastic and rubber skin, the coating thickness is 0.5-1 mm, and the amount of coating is about 1.5 kg / m2. For insulated cables with oil paper, a layer of glass fiber cloth should be wrapped before painting. If the construction is carried out outdoors or in humid environment, a matching varnish should be added.

Post time: Jul-13-2020