Intumescent fireproof sealant

Using water-based emulsion as the base material, plugging the application area: plugging the sealing joint of the door frame with strict requirements for smoke prevention. Expansion type fireproof sealant, in order to obtain the required fire protection effect, apply the prescribed thickness to determine that the sealant has contact with the surface of the pipe base material to obtain the greatest adhesive force. For excess mastic, before it hardens, it can be removed with water. Elastic fireproof sealant, clean the opening, and prepare to apply FS-I joint surface should be removed scattered debris, dust, oil stains, frost, wax, etc., and keep dry. One component, water-based, acrylic acid fire-proof sealant is a high-performance and elastic antifungal sealant. It can resist high-temperature and high-pressure. It can resist high-temperature, low-temperature, ultra-high, medium, low-pressure and negative pressure, as well as high-speed. Single component sealant, non adhesive, dark red, black paste sealant, does not solidify at room temperature and ablates at high temperature Flame retardant sealant is a new type of one component fire sealant. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the development of building energy-saving technology, combined with the advantages of domestic and foreign products, it is made of high molecular materials.

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Product Name Intumescent fireproof sealant
Specification Model 25 pcs/box
Product Advantages The volume expands more than 5 times in fire, has good flexibility and adhesion, and forms a dense network structure after burning in fire; it can effectively prevent flame and heat transfer; high efficiency flame retardant, convenient construction
Scope of Application 1. Surface sealing of displaced floor slab gaps, wall caulking, mechanical pipes, ventilation pipes, thermal insulation pipes, etc. 2. Fireproof coating board to seal gaps; joints between wall tops and floor slabs; 3. Plastic pipelines (≤50mm) the gap of the penetration; the gap of the penetration of the HVAC duct
Fire Resistance 120min


Generally, the fire sealant is tested by vertical method. According to the test effect, it can be divided into FV-0, Fv-1 and Fv-2 from high to low. It is mainly used for the sealing of curtain wall fireproof structure, and it needs the ability of anti displacement deformation and fire and smoke prevention, Acrylic acid fire-proof sealant is compatible with gun type. The fire-proof sealant concept measure type fire-proof material is a kind of polymer plastic sealing material for plugging, which has the dual performance of sealing and fire-proof, and is suitable for fire-proof construction. The construction scope includes metal pipes, heat-insulating pipes and building joints. The adhesive strips used on the fire-proof doors of fire-proof sealant express can not meet the fire-proof requirements, Visually check that there are no small white spots of non combustible materials on the rubber strips. If you use a lighter to light them, what's more, if you simply do not install sealant strips, the fire prevention and smoke isolation function of steel fire doors is seriously affected.

The fireproof sealant is suitable for the joint construction between ceiling and wall body, especially for the longer joint. Because the spraying construction is simple, it can save manpower and reduce cost during construction. After being cleaned with water, it can be completely cured and painted. The maximum width of fire resistance joint can be 6 inches, and the fire resistance efficiency of joint position can be up to 2 hours.

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