• Fireproof coating board (model: dc-a2-cd08)

    Fireproof coating board (model: dc-a2-cd08)

    dc-a2-cd08 fireproof sealing plate system is a new type of fireproof material developed by our company, which is odorless, halogen-free, with good weather resistance, smoke tightness and air tightness. It is widely used in nuclear power, power telecommunication, metallurgy and petrochemical industry. Because the construction is simple, so it can save manpower and reduce cost. It is especially suitable for frequent cable replacement Important parts of the body.
  • Fire barrier

    Fire barrier

    Dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier is also called fire barrier or non combustible fire retardant plate. This board is made of a variety of non combustible materials by scientific deployment and pressing. It has good flame retardant performance, non combustion time of more than 3 hours in case of fire, high mechanical strength, non explosion, water and oil resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic and other characteristics. In the combustion test of dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier, the best flame temperature is 1000 ℃ without deformation, all indexes meet the requirements of gb23864-2009, and the combustion performance reaches the a (incombustibility) standard specified in GB / t2408-2008. Dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier is mainly applicable to the fire protection and fire separation of cables of various voltage levels when laying on the bracket or bridge It is used in the cable engineering of power plants, chemical enterprises, iron and steel smelting enterprises, mines and other cable intensive places in China.
  • Fire stop module

    Fire stop module

    Dm-a3-cd05 fire retardant module is made of advanced non-toxic fire retardant expansion material and special process. It is mainly used in the fire-proof plugging of wires, cables and electrical appliances in electric power, communication, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries.